Vinicius Piedade | Software Engineer, Entrepreneur and Husband
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Vinicius Piedade

Hi, I’m Vinicius Piedade.

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur & Husband

Backend Development0%
Frontend Development0%
Docker and Kubernetes0%
Drinking Coffee0%

I am a curious individual who is passionate about software  engineering and devops with 13 years of experience with software development. Also, i’m an entrepreneur and filmmaker at my spare time and husband of Mariana.

I have worked for 13 years as a software engineer using Java EE platform and beloved with NodeJS Microservices.

I am working on cloud based apps with containerized services running on an orchestrated Kubernetes cluster with high quality and Continuous Delivering.

I am never late and I am always very punctual with my deadlines.

I’m a Christian with passion of Jesus Christ path as human and god and i love my wife Mariana.


I have been a tech leader for 2 years at the last position.


days and I’ll be ready to move to your company’s city if needed.


I’m looking to learn new technology. My interests are in web development, databases, & mobile apps.


is the number of coffees I drink on last year.

Hire me

Get in touch and let me help you grow your business as a consultant. I’ll be happy to help you improve your software development process with continuous integration, continuous deployment or software development mentorship.

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